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Trace Width Technology Solutions leading-edge engineers and machinists yield a suite of design and development services including associative design tool development, 3D printing, complex simulations, CNC fabrication, industrial design, new product design, as well as expeditious prototyping.

Trace Width Technology Solutions is equipped with best-in-class technology and qualified CAD and CAE professionals, we aim to serve as a strategic engineering partner to manufacturing organizations and work towards the similar goal of achieving competitive product design.

We offer following services:

3D Modeling

Three Dimensional modeling of components and assemblies allow rapid simulation of fit checking, tolerancing, and motion.

Mechanical Proof of Concept

Trace Width has experience in designing mechanical components using 3D CAD modeling software, performing transient and steady state thermal analysis, shock and vibration analysis, and reliability analysis.

Reverse Engineering

Trace Width Technology Solutions is the number one choice for companies that need to archive, examine, rebuild, or alter existing devices and systems.

Machine Design

Our zealous team of engineers endeavour over decades of experience in custom machine design, using meticulous, high-accuracy parts to accommodate your particular details.

Trace Width Technology Solutions is a global engineering company supplying quality and cost effective CAD services. Trace Width delivers world-class technical support services of international standards through its well-trained and highly qualified workforce. Our clients can thus expect quality output, faster turn around and gain a dramatic boost to their competitive edge in the market.

Our Detail Engineering Design Services Includes:

  M&E Drawings
  Fabrication Drawings
  Manufacturing Drawings
  Concept Drawings
  3D CAD Modelling of Mechanical Components
  Control systems drawings & logics

The success of Mechanical CAD Services can be simply attributed to the vast knowledge of our experts, decades of experience with the latest engineering technology & analytics. Of course, Trace Width not only offers you satisfactory, economic and advanced engineering solutions, we are also ready to share the same designing, analytical and drafting risks & challenges that are required to build-up long term relationships with partners.

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