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Looking for leading-edge Electrical Design? You’ve come to the right place.

Trace Width Technology Solutions specializes in superior circuit design and implementation. We are committed to providing our clients with complete solutions for their electronic product design needs.

In today’s competitive arena, time-to-market is very critical and hiring the right team is essential. With Trace Width on your side, you’ll benefit from specialized development, hands-on experience, and a communicative and reliable team with a proven track record for success in PCB and circuit design. Some of the key highlights of our electronics design include –

  Schematic Design and Simulation Modeling
  Green Eco-Friendly designs
  High Speed and Multilayer Circuit Design
  Bill of Material Specifications
  Circuit Board CAD Layout
  Full Functional Testing and Fixture Development
  Firmware and Algorithm Development and Programming

Trace Width offers a complete selection of design services from concept to finished product. We specialize in providing effective PCB services to utilize in your product assembly. When your company needs product prototyping, you can count on our Design Engineering Team to deliver high quality PCB assemblies on time at more than competitive prices. Our exclusive vantage point of custom circuit board assemblies and PCB requirements incorporates a deep understanding of the manufacturing process while befitting to your industry’s quality specifications. With large-scale prototype PCB fabrication capabilities, we will outpace your organization’s simple or complex electronics design prerequisites.

Trace Width has the expertise and equipment that is unparalleled to handle all your advanced circuit exigencies. Our advanced CAD programs, as well as profound simulation and analysis software, provides greater readiness, meticulousness, and quality control of the final product. Our goal is to be your privileged engineering backbone from the initial abstraction through the design phase to the actualization of your custom printed circuit board products.

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