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Before handing the product to the customers/end-users, there are number of steps that must be covered. It will take lot of effort and time in hardware design & development, but you will have lots of fun and interesting discoveries along the way. Developing hardware is hard, and you may not able to get immediate results. But if you follow the required steps, then it is possible to succeed with hardware.

  • Good Idea:
    Every successful product needs to start with a good idea. Many times a product fails to operate the required needs. When you get a new product idea, don’t jump right away, give it some time and plan it properly. It is a known fact that proper planning & preparation prevents poor performance. It takes usually years to go from the first idea to the final product. It is a great way to brainstorm.
  • Proof of Concept:

    This is your first prototype and here you should convert your idea into reality. In this phase, you are going to focus on the functions of your product- prepare for the electronics work, create the rough shape of the product you have in mind. Keep all the required materials for a final product ready and accessible.

  • Create the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout:

    For creating a production quality prototype you require a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). A PCB is a custom designed board, which connects and holds all the electronic components. A PCB design service provider will turn the abstract schematic (blueprint) into a real world physical PCB layout. This is a complicated step, as these layouts shall have greater effect on the performance of the end product.

  • Functional Prototype:

    There is a need to create many versions between the proof of concept and the working prototype. In some cases you may see approximately 20 or more versions, before the end product. Its good to create prototypes with specific functions such as product design, user experience, simulating the appearance etc. The functional or working prototype is a complete simulation of the final product from material need to functionality. This is the one, which you are going to show at funding campaigns, client demo, media journalists or during business meetings. Once the functional prototype gets ready to operate, it’s time to move on to the next big step for preparing the manufacturing phase.

  • Requirement of Mechanical Expertise:

    Large manufacturing of mechanical components for even a small electronic gadget is a complex task. You will need an excellent CAD model and knowledge of 3D model, 3D printing intricacies of injection-molding plastics. If you need a simple mechanical actuation also, it is required to be carefully designed and tested for positive user actions. Once both the mechanical & electrical components are ready, you can move on to the next step.

  • You will need Design for Manufacturing and Assembly:

    Once your prototype is fully functional, then it goes to both design for manufacture as well as the design for assembly. Here you have multiple processes, both on the electrical and the mechanical side, where your product components are going under construction, testing and assembling sections. Electrical side might include additional PCB features to help with automated assembly and testing, such as fiduciary, test points, and mounting holes. Mechanical side might include any additional CAD model features and assemblies to match with the manufacturing capabilities.

  • Testing:

    During this phase you should test and re-test each step of the process. The ultimate aim is to make sure that the product is working perfectly and is ready to be shipped for your awaiting customers.

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