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When we start talking about Search Engine Optimization for mobile apps, the first thing that comes to the mind is App store optimization. Investing in ASO is considered to be one of the best strategies to increase the app downloads and is a preemptive step to succeed in mobile app marketing. The following is a brief explanation pertaining to what exactly ASO means along with how exactly it works out for business marketing.

ASO is nothing but a process, which involves improving the visibility of a mobile app (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone) in the app stores (iTunes or Google Play store). The increased visibility has a direct impact on your mobile app receiving more traffic in the app store. It even has a significant indication aimed at receiving more potential customers to your business through the usage of this app.

Why ASO is so important?

According to research, 63% of people discover apps through App store searches. So high visibility in the app store search is directly commensurate to better success. Thus, the ultimate goal of ASO would involve taking a specific action related to downloading your app. This download process occurs only when the user finds your app being worthy for download.

Factors that influence more users to download an app include:

  • Features with which will differentiate your app from other apps.
  • General browsing in an app store.
  • Recommendations from friends as well as family members.
  • Traditional Advertisements in Newspaper, TV, etc.
  • Digital Advertisements associated with social media.
  • Reviews on Tech sites or blogs.

Steps involved in ASO:

  • App Title and Description:
  • The first step is to form a specific short title, which perfectly describes your app. This in turn is the most important step to convey the functionality of your app. Make sure that the default description communicates well with your target audience and also that it consists of all relevant information pertaining to your app. Avoid repetition of words, which is against the rules followed by the Google algorithm.

  • Keywords:
  • It is necessary to include meta data information for your app store using the right keywords. These keywords should include the ones with which the user may use to search for your app.

    • Ascertain the top performers for your primary keyword.
    • Evaluate the less competitive keywords with the medium search volumes that could rank higher.
    • Localize keywords that can help your app to get proper popularity in certain geographic locations.
  • Create a stunning App icon:
  • The app needs to be created with well-designed user experience techniques. This is a necessity, so that people yearn for and feel comfortable to browse your app.

  • Screen shots:
  • In the present scenario, everyone is interested in seeing exactly how your app looks like. People are normally attracted to an app by an app’s visual features. As a result, it is very much imperative to incorporate eye catching screen shots.

  • Include a video:
  • Include a 20-60 minute video that portrays the main features as well as the benefits of your app from a users perspective..

  • Regular updates:
  • There is a fundamental necessity to provide regular updates, iterate, make changes, and even publish your app, may be once every few weeks.

  • App Reviews:
  • People always see the reviews prior to downloading any app. Sometimes reviews do contain useful information along with good user satisfaction outcomes. These features will definitely result in more downloads. Also, more downloads for an app is directly proportional to a higher ranking in the app store.

  • App Ratings:
  • By and large, people download an app that corners more ratings. Apps automatically receive higher ratings if they are developed keeping in mind both great features as well as a world-class user experience.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that an App having better ratings and positive reviews always ranks higher.Connect your user within your app by means of giving them a place to vent and talk explicitly to the developers. On the flip side you can easily evoke a list of happy customers, who leave positive reviews for you.

  • Request your friends to download the app and rate it.
  • Input a small post on your twitter account for every follower to check out the app and also to rate it.
  • On the Facebook page, suggest the user to download and rate your app.
  • Or there might be a need to integrate 3rd party tools to generate a prompt for every follower to download and rate your mobile app.

Off-page-optimization (Social Media/Articles/Blogs):

It is a must to constantly engage with new as well as existing users, post latest features on social networks, and additionally solicit them to follow your page. One should keep writing articles or blogs that include real life experiences along with a basic description of the app.

To achieve this you need to invest in time and effort. If you have attained this goal, then you will continue to receive consistent traffic for your app. The requirement for your app to be found in search engines is one of the most challenging tasks for each and every mobile development company however; this can be actively achieved by following the above steps.

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