Trace Width’s home automation systems promise you a hassle-free, safe, and secure lifestyle for your users. The
future is now and Trace Width Technology delivers home automation integration and solutions that
improve quality of living, from ease of use, comfort, safety, management of energy consumption,
and more.

Home Automation Services Tampa, Florida



It all starts with a conversation about how you feel technology and entertainment can help you optimally integrate into the home automation environment. We listen carefully to ensure that we establish a very clear picture of how to best design a custom system just for you.



At Trace Width, we do not take design lightly. We find every possible way to integrate our automation technology within the home. We strive for our systems to flow within the space and be almost invisible.



We engineer with technology-leading components and cables to ensure the highest quality and seamless integration.



Well-designed and easy-to-use systems require varying disciplines with great skill. We will program your systems as if we were going to move in and use them personally. Reliable and intuitive systems is what Tracewidth delivers.

Home Automation Security Systems Tampa, Florida
Trace Width Technology Solutions offers complete home automation systems. Your Hardware, software, apps, wiring plans, and cloud services all working together seamlessly.

Home Automation Test


That’s part of our core – no system gets handed over to a client until we thoroughly test and re-test the functionality of the system and the user interface. Our core beliefs set us apart from the rest of the industry!

Home Automation Collaboration


To find success, your project includes many people working together collegially and collaboratively, the Smart Touch way! We work closely with you and everyone involved to develop your whole home command solution to ensure that your project is efficiently and effectively delivered on-time, on-budget, and on-plan.

Smart Home Systems

Entrance Management

Know exactly what’s happening at your doorstep wherever you are. With our integrated setup of cameras, mics, and speakers, you have complete control of every aspect of the home enviroment.

Home Automation - Safety & Security Management Systems

Safety and Security management

Keep your home safe and secure even when you’re away. You can always keep an eye on the security and status of your home when using smart automated technology, which is installed at all the key points by our world-class experts.