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As a big or small business owner, there are several ways to develop mobile apps for your firm’s expansion. However, before going any further with mobile app development, it is better to familiarize yourself with the advanced mobile development platforms used in the today’s competitive business scenarios. These platforms are discussed herewith:

Android: You can start with android apps development using Java, which can be easily downloaded as a free software development kit. This kit includes samples, source codes, developer tools as well as emulators that can be used for testing your app. You even have the provision for videos, technical articles and instructions all of which enable you to develop an aggressive app.

iOS: If you are looking to create an iPhone app using the iOS platform then you need to search for “IOS development center”. This provides you with a wide range of tools, tips, debugging tests and guides for creating apps, pertaining to your requirements.

BlackBerry: This platform supports many ways to develop apps, mobile websites, themes, as well as widgets. It provides multitasking and supports specialized input devices that have been adopted by BlackBerry Ltd., for use in its handheld devices. It is considered to be a provider of secure and high reliability software for industrial applications as well as mobile device management.

Windows: In the present scenario, the windows app platform may not be ubiquitous but delivers an easy-to-use interface. There is a provision for clear documentation, enabling you to make use of outstanding practices for marketing your app. There is no need to worry about your app getting rejected, as there is clear documentation available throughout the approval process itself.

The mobile app development company can run a business more effectively and on the other hand, the app learners can benefit using any of the following tools, which are in demand in the current market:

  • AppMakr:
  • This is one of the browser-based platforms that is designed to create your own iPhone app easily and quickly. Its existing contents and social networking referrals deliver a world class approach for marketing an app. This includes exciting features such as location-aware GeoRSS, push notifications, custom CSS and useful JavaScript capabilities.

  • GENWI:
  • GENWI is a Tablet and Smartphone enabled platform that allows you to manage apps on different mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android as well as HTML5 apps. There is an influx of rich graphics, photos, video, audio, and other forms of interaction. This includes best revenue generating features such as ads and coupons along with in-app subscriptions.

  • Mippin:
  • One of the most innovative features when using this tool is it’s ease-of-use. It provides greater flexibility in designing and even allows creating an app using Android, IOS , and even the Windows platforms. It can be promulgated on iTunes, Android, Windows and Amazon stores easily.

  • MobBase:
  • If you are a celebrity or you have any band, then MobBase best suits your business needs. It makes use of RSS feeds, which helps to keep your fans upto date about your band news, events, and there is a feature to upload audio files that makes it easy for fans to find upcoming shows or book a ticket and even get directions.

  • MobiCart:
  • If you own an E-commerce business and want to migrate to the mobile world, then you must opt out for this valuable resource. It allows link ups with PayPal, enables you to send or receive online payment securely, efficiently and most importantly in a cost effective manner.

  • MyAppBuilder:
  • This is a profitable tool that delivers an app for iPhone or Android devices and implements reliable content (videos, books, etc). While developing an app with MyAppBuilder, there is no prerequisite to have a technical background. The developers take care of uploading your app to the app stores.

  • RunRev:
  • This happens to be an intuitive and cross-device platform tool for developing an app. It provides support for both iOS as well as Android devices. You can work with live prototypes and deploy to the platform of your customer’s choice. There are plenty of tutorials that can guide you in the app development phase, from start to finish.

  • ShoutEm:
  • Another platform that is rich in designing, publishing and management tools associated with the native iPhone, iPad or Android apps for long term businesses. This tool is a perfect set up for bloggers, students, sports fans, news portals and even local publishers.

  • SwebApps:
  • It turns out to be a simple inexpensive platform for building apps. It is well suited for Android as well as iPhone devices related to your business. Once it is available for download from an app store, you can update the content in real time.

Creating an app is simply an effective approach to bring your business to the next level, which can be the driving differentiator for your brand from your competitors. One can increase revenue as well as augment your relationship with valuable customers. With years of experience, our accomplished Android/iOS app development team will take your online business to a new pinnacle, so that your business can accomplish sustaining success.

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