At a recent World Wide Developers conference, Apple has announced its exciting release of the iOS ever. This happens to be it’s 10th major release with regards to it’s mobile operating system: iOS 10. In the current scenario, this is the smoothest as well as the fastest mobile operating system. There are a number of new features that have been incorporated. These features have indeed taken the iOS app development a huge step forward for iPhone, iPad as well as the iPod devices. Following a list of the new features:

  • New Lock Screen
    The iOS 10 has been completely redesigned with it’s a new lock screen that wakes up the display without a need to touch the screen or any buttons. This in turn has been provided with aesthetic and interactive 3D touch including real-time updates and instant direct replies, which can also clear all notifications at once. A simple left or right swipe to access either the music widget or the home kit enabled devices.
  • Keyboard Support

    Apart from a series of intelligent responses, Apple is currently providing a quick type with multilingual support. This functions you type a message in any language, it will automatically give a suggestion, so that you do not need to bother to have to switch to the other official language’s keyboard.

  • Apple Music

    Apple has a better and enhanced feature for it’s music lovers. This feature is named the Discovery Mix playlist, which is a Spotify play-list feature. There is a provision for a new tab named “download music” that makes the navigation easy and clean. One more exciting update is the integration of song lyrics. In short, when you are listening to music, you have an additional option to see the lyrics, simply by swiping the screen!

  • Messages

    Apple has made an innovation, which now makes messages more visual. This new feature offers you rich links online. These links can be easily used by sending a web URL. Once this process is executed, a message shall pop up as an image from the website. You have an additional option to make the text more effective by enlarging or reducing it. There is an option whereby you can write the messages in invisible text or you can blur it. This way you can make only a specific recipient to see such messages after swiping or tapping the screen. Animated text bubbles, quick replies and also emoji buttons have made this process still even more exciting.

  • Photos

    iPhones now offer the users an option to edit live photos, which are provided with video image stabilization. As of now, there is a feature to update with advanced machine learning technology, which enables the apps to have enhanced face recognition, object recognition, clustering and sorting by person, date, and place, all of these features occur locally, directly on your device.

  • Home

    Apple has released a new app named “HOME”. This is designed to control all your home kit enabled devices that have compatible apps. In addition to ‘on’ and ‘off’, you can create and select scenes options according to the time of day and these shall be activated via “Siri Voice” commands.

  • Siri Updates

    Apple has provided freedom for the third-party developers to help make ‘Siri’ smarter. With the help of the new Siri SDK, or SiriKit, Apple intelligent assistant is able to access other apps like Lyft, We-chat, as well as Square Cash.

  • Voice Mail

    iPhones have come with some new core functionality features in terms of Voicemail. One can translate voice mail to text and second through the use of Call-kit, developers can create extensions to detect spam voice mail.

  • Supports VoIP Services

    There are different services to make voice calls currently, ranging from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger as well as from Slack to Skype. So, in order to achieve better user experience, Apple has updated all those third-party VoIP calls, which resembles native Phone calls in iOS 10.

  • News

    iOS 10 has now come up with an interesting news app. This development was awaited long by news lovers. The use of this app, is that it integrates the news from all News Publishers and enables it to be filtered according to the user’s needs/requirements. It also has an explicit option to ping breaking news notifications to the news lovers.

  • So with latest iOS 10 updates from Apple we can very easily see that its new features as well as hidden functionalities have paved the way to open up it’s platform for third-party developers and these in turn have made the iPhone marked a very exciting choice along with it being one of the most user friendly options in today’s competitive global scenario!

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